Hair Tips

1) Trim Trim

Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair healthy and allow it to grow quicker.

2) Get that dye away from my skin

Use Vaseline or Moisturizer around your hairline to keep that hair dye away from your beautiful skin.

3) Comb instead of brush

Comb your hair when it’s wet rather than using a hairbrush to prevent split ends.

4) Bristle brushes are the best

Use a Bristle brush for smooth sleek hair always. It also helps reduce split ends! *YASS*

5) Protect your hair

Use heat protectant spray when using heat to avoid damaged hair.

6) Dry Shampoo

Use dry shampoo to add volume to flat and thin hair.

7) Not too much brushing

Don’t brush your hair more then twice a day because it makes your hair oily and less pretty.

8) Condition right

Remember to only condition your roots, if you condition on your roots, it may cause your hair to be flat and lank!

9) Sleeping Beauty

Make sure your hair is 100% dry before going to bed. While asleep you come in contact with your pillow for several hours causing the water to evaporate making your hair oily and getting head bumps. *Eww*

10) Don’t dry too much

Blow drying all of your precious hair will cause split ends and not ending knots.

To be continued…

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