Review: Luxie Rose Gold Synthetic 5 Piece Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

Every morning after I shower and start my day, the first step in my everyday routine is always my makeup. For me, as a beauty addict, I love to start my beauty routine before picking an outfit to wear. In the process of my makeup, I like to be very careful with the products I use and how I use them, because I know that once I walk out that door, I can feel confident in and out with each person I greet, whether it’s at a store, at the movies, at the mall etc.

That being said, I was able finally to purchase a set of face makeup brushes from Luxie Beauty. I’ve been wanting these for a while now. I seen pictures of these beautiful Rose Gold brushes on Instagram. So I tracked the brushes down to a company called Luxie Beauty and saw that the reviews for their products were really good and Vegan, and are also animal cruelty free. I’m always excited to try/discover new products. I just had to get these bad girls. I mean Pink makeup brushes, can it get any better?

In this Review I will provide overall experience, with the purchasing, the quality, the product itself, and the design.


This set includes:
• Flat Top Kabuki ~ 530
• Round Top Blender ~ 532
• Angled Top Buffer ~ 534
• Pointed Top Kabuki ~ 536
• Flat Angled Blender ~ 538

Why they’re worth it:



I love brushes for their packaging, design, color, and quality. These brushes have everything a Beauty Junkie needs, with there extreme softness and smooth strong bristles.

The handle on each brush is just perfect and smooth, making application easy and comfortable to apply. What I love the most about these brushes is the rose colored detail on the handle, that really catches my eye, and its oh-so pretty.

It’s important to know that these brushes are synthetic – meaning they aren’t made from real hair. Super clean and cruelty free. Another bonus to these fab brushes are that Luxie made sure that each and every one of their brushes are individually labeled, to let you know exactly what they’re intended to be used for, which is awesome. Love this detail. These brushes can be used for blending and contouring for a defining look and of course natural application.

The purchasing was easy as 1-2-3. I purchased these from Ipsy for $28 USD when the original price is $50 USD. What a deal right? Unfortunately this offer is no longer available. But there is an offer code you can use right now on this set, when purchased at Luxie Beauty’s site. Use code “MOM30” for 30% off on your purchase.






If you plan to purchase these in the future, I’m happy to say thay you’re going to get a great set of brushes for a reasonable price. Clearly this is a great deal, no one can surpass. I am hooked!


Overall Review: I highly recommend Luxie’s perfect, high quality, handmade synthetic brushes.

Xo, Queen Denisse.

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