A Quick Look At My Vanity


Hello beauties. How are you all doing on this chilli day? I’m doing great. Hopefully you all started the week with tons of energy and motivation. Everyday is a new day and it will keep on moving on, cherish every single day.

Anyways how weird is the Weather here in Texas? One moment its Raining, then Hailing, then it stops and its Sunny again. One word; Bipolar! This happens a lot in Texas, what’s the Weather like where you are located?

Today’s post features my new Makeup Vanity I purchased. Hopefully you will all love and enjoy this post. It’s SHOW AND TELL!




Price: $217.00 USD (w/o tax)

Brand: Poundex Furniture

Shop: Here

Description: I love love this Vanity set! This is my first ever Vanity and I’m pretty sure it will not be my last. It came in very good condition. Assembly was very easy as well. The only Con thing was, it does not have a lot of space. I will have to pass this on to my little sister and buy me one with more space. Other then that its amazing!

That’s it for todays post! Just wanted to show you all my new furniture piece. Make sure to stay tuned throughout this week, as I will be posting an Inside Look on My Vanity or should I say What’s in my Vanity?

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Hopefully you all enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading, and have a great day.

Xo, Queen Denisse.

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