Makeup Bag Must Haves


Hello beauties! How are ya’ll doing on this Saturday afternoon? Hopefully you all have a great Saturday & a Happy Valentine’s Day. Today’s post consists of ” Makeup Bag Must Haves ” which I am super excited to share with you all. Hopefully you enjoy this post and keep on reading. Xo!

** 1st Item: Blush



Of course, us ladies always need a few color on our cheek bones. This is why Blush is on the Makeup Bag Must Haves list. Blush is a must in my bag.

• About this Blush •

Brand: Model Co

Price: $22.00 USD

Perks: Creates a bright, healthy glow.

How To: Just get a Blush Brush and stroke from down to up the cheek bowns diaganolly.

** 2nd Item: Mascara



Mascara should be in every girls Makeup Bag point. Mascara is LIFE. Literally. Mascara is to give your eye’s a little pop. To me, Mascara will always be my fave make up, second to eye shadows. That’s why I chose this new Mascara ( Fairy Lashes Curl ) which I was eager to try, and will be on my Valentines Makeup later on today.

• About this Mascara •

Brand: Jelly Pong Pong

Price: $22.00 USD

Perks: Its from the UK. It has a specially designed brush.

How to: Apply first coat and sweep the wand upwards for thickness, beautiful lashes. Add a second coat to seal the curl.

** 3rd Item: Professional Eye Lash Curler


Of course, we always have to have our lashes all curled and make them look more volumized. Well I just bought this Eye Lash Curler and glad to say that I abosolutely love it, it curls your lashes in 3 easy steps. Its fast and durable, great Make up tool.

• About this Lash Curler •

Brand: Emite Make Up

Price: $25.00 USD

Perks: Reaches all lashes. It also doesn’t touch your makeup base. *YAS*

How to: Align rubber pad at base of upper lashes. Press handles together and hold for several seconds. Gently release and remove curler from lashes. Apply mascara.

** 4th Item: Lip Liner


I bearly started using lip liner not to long ago, and I have became a huge fan. It makes such a difference once you put on lip liner to outline the lips and then fill it with your fave lipstick/lipgloss. To me its a must for me in my Makeup Bag.

• About this Lip Liner •

Brand: Beauty For Real

Price: $12.00 USD

Perks: Shapes your lips. Gives it a little pop.

How to: Just simply outline the lips, once done. Apply lipstick/lipgloss.

** 5th Item: Eye Shadow Brush


Of course we all need to have a makeup brush with us just incase we need to put a little color on to our eyelids. I always carry one because sometimes I do my makeup on the go. This is a All Over Eye Brush.

• About this Eye Brush •

Brand: Elizabeth Mott

Price: $10.00 USD

Perks: Its pink & it fits in any makeup bag.

How to: Just simply add eye shadow to your brush and align brush with your eye and apply where you want that certain eye shadown at.

** 6th Item: Lipstick


Lately I have been wearing a ton of Lipsticks. Lipsticks are trending for me right now. Lipstick is a must in my makeup bag. Sometimes you might just need a little color on your lips so they can stand out more.

• About this Lipstick •

Brand: M.A.C

Price: $16.00 USD

Perks: Fall color, perfect for any dark look.
How to: First I outline my lips with a light color like the one I have on here. Then I start to apply my Lipstick.


That is it Ladies! These are the beauties that I must have in my Makeup Bag. Hopefully you all enjoyed today’s post. Thanks again for all the positive feedback!


” Stay positive, make today beautiful, and be fab ”
– Queen Denisse

Xo, beauties. 😘

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