My January Beauty Faves


Hello beauties! How are yall doing today? Im doing great. ITS FEBRUARY! Its time for My Monthly Makeup Favorites! Eeeek so excited to share my new Makeup Products with you all. Hopefully this will give you a idea on what you would like to try next. Let’s get started.

1) Mirabella Prime


Just wow! This primer is absolutely amazing. I use this before I apply foundation. It makes your foundation stay on for a longer time, really recommend to you all. If you want a primer that really gives you results, this is it Ladies!

Purpose: To make your Foundation stay on longer.

Perks: Infuses your skin with Vitamin E, minimizing appearance of large pores.

How to: Apply 2 to 3 squeezes on finger, then apply all over face before applying Foundation.

Price: $29.00

Worth it?: Yes, its the perfect base for any foundation!

2) Pacifica Eye Shadow



I absolutely love this Eye Shadow! This color is just my fave with a little shimmery on the inside. I am hooked on Brown Shade Colours, but lately, I’ve also been hooked on Pink Shades. If you Ladies want a beautiful Brown shimmery color, this is just for you.

Purpose: To make your Eye’s pop out & add a little color.

Perks: Has shimmer & stay’s on long.

How to: Apply with an “All over Eye shadow brush” going back and forth between eye lids.
** Depending on what kind of Eye you want **

Price: Between $10 – $14.

Worth it: If you really enjoy brown colors like me then yes.

3) Tarte Maracuja Bronzing Serum


YAS just YAS! Glam’s up your skin, like BAM! I use this daily for my skin and I have noticed results fast. My skin is less oilier and smoother.

Purpose: To hydrate and even skin tone to help fight signs of aging.

Perks: This self tanner naturally bronzes for healthy glowing complexion skin.

How to: Dispense 2-3 drops of the serum in your hands and apply to clean dry skin on the face and neck. For best results apply daily and wash hands immediately after application.

Price: $47.00

Worth it?: Yes, this changed my skin and I am loving it!

4) Nourish Organic Renewing Eye Cream


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! This Eye cream is amazing. I use this for my Eyes before applying primer & eye shadow. It makes my makeup easier to blend in. It has definitely renewed my eyes, they look healthier and less dead (lol)

Purpose: Restore and Protect eyes and to Hydrate and Replenish.

Perks: It moisturizes and conditions those beautiful eye’s. It contains Avocado and Argans! Its also ORGANIC. *YAS*

How to: Apply all over eye lids and lower eye lids.

Price: Between $5 – $8.

Worth it?: Duh girl.

5) Real Techniques Sculpting Brush


I love Real Techniques Brushes! I have more then enough. Well you know what they say, Brushes are a girls Bestfriend. Anyways, this brush features a wide, angled head, specifically designed to help create defined contours.

Purpose: To enhance your natural features, or to modify the shape and look of your face.

Perks: Its PINK ladies!

How to: Use with cream or powdered bronzers to define and contour the hollows of the cheeks. Apply a light sweep of blush for a soft rosy finish.

Price: $10.00.

Worth it?: Of course, love this brush!

6) FIT me Powder Foundation


For long lasting shine control this is it! This Powder Foundation is absolutely amazing. Making your Foundation looking natural as if you don’t have any on. Up to 12 hours wear.

Purpose: Natural poreless-looking finish. Just perfect, huh?

Perks: Makes your Foundation look very natural. Shine control also.

How to: Apply with a Flat Foundation brush all over face after applying foundation.

Price: $7.00.

Worth it?: Yes!

Okay lovely’s that is all for My Monthly Makeup Favorites, hopefully you all enjoy reading. Thanks again for all the positive feedback; you guy’s are the best, XO!


Until next time, if God allows.

Queen Denisse. 👑

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