Christmas Gift Guide: The Beauty Edition ( Personal Wishlist )


Hello beauties! How are ya’ll doing on this lovely night? Can’t you believe the Holiday’s are here & Christmas is right around the corner! Eeeek. Time sure does fly. 2015 is near! But enough about the end of the year. Anyway’s, today’s post is about my Personal Beauty Wishlist.


These are the items I desire for Christmas. I have tried all these items and I was amazed of how well these items actually work! I will show you why I want these for Christmas this year.

1) Big Easy Foundation



• 38$ •

This is a product from Benefit Cosmetics, which is kind of expensive, but worth it because their products are amazing and are really good quality. I have gotten samples of these from Sephora and oh my gawd its AMAZING. Once you are done applying the foundation; it looks so natural that you can’t even tell you have it on! Which is a mega plus, and its oil free, which is amazing because my skin tends to get oily once foundation is applied.

2) Naked 3 Pallete



• $54 •

I have tried this Naked 3 Pallete from Urban Decay and glad to say im pleased with the pigmentation on these just like my other Naked 2 pallete. In my opinion I believe Urban Decay did an amazing job on these Palletes. This pallete is made up of rose-hued nuetrals which is great for those girls who just love rose colours! Which I truly adore. Def putting this bad boy on my wishlist this year.

3) Stay Flawless Primer


• $32 •

This is another product from Benefit Cosmetics. This primer is literally amazing and it does last 15 hours. You may use this for your eye’s as well. This primer acts like a magnet to lock on your foundation for up to 15 fresh and flawless hours. But def worth the price!

4) They’re Real Mascara


• $23 •

Yes, another Benefit Cosmetics product. This Mascara is jet black. It makes your lashes really long and thick, which is a MEGA plus for us ladies! It also adds volume to those beautiful lashes of yours. The specially designed brush features staggered bristles that grab close to the root, boosting length and volume beyond belief. Great stocking stuffer!

5) Bobbi Brown Bronzer


• $40 •

I have always wanted this bronzer from the amazing Bobbi Brown. I have tried it from one of my friends and I was truly impress on how easily it is to apply and the color is amazing. I tried the “Medium Brown” shade and totes loved it! A soft matte, silky-smooth bronzer that instantly gives skin the look of a natural tan. Blends well with any skin tone! Also a great stocking stuffer to those who adore Makeup.


Have you tried any of these products? Please let me know what you think in the comments below! 💅

Thats it for my wishlist loves! Hope you all enjoy the Holiday’s. Have the best Christmas ever! Until next time, if god allows.


Queen Denisse.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide: The Beauty Edition ( Personal Wishlist )

  1. Hello Denise since you followed my blog I wanted to take the time to check out yours, even thought the site really doesn’t pertain to me it actually helped me find something for my sisters for Christmas. So for that thank you very much and I’m going to send my sisters to your blog because it seems pretty awesome.

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