What’s In My Makeup Bag?


Hello my beauty guru’s. How are ya’ll in this fine day? Hopefully you are all doing great. This was a requested post from one of my amazing followers.
In today’s post I will be showcasing you My Makeup Bag and what’s inside it and Why I recommend it. Of course we all know the magic is inside this bag. Anyway’s Let’s begin.


I bought this bag at Forever 21. I totes love this bag because my fave colors are gold and black.


* From Left To Right *

1) Urban Decay Primer Potion ( Sample Size )


Us girls all wish to find a primer that will actually leave your eyeshadow longer right? Well after a bunch of primers I went through I finally found the one that ACTUALLY works. These sample size primers came with my Naked 2 Pallete which I adore. Will be purchasing their primer in the future.

Why I Recommend: This primer will leave you’re eyeshadow looking more pigmented & will last up to 24 hour’s.

2) Pure BB Cream


This is the second best foundation I have ever purchased. Its pros are blends well with the color of your skin depending on what tone you are & that it has acne treatment.

Why I Recommend: Leave’s a natural look when applied a small amount. It also clear’s pores.

3) Mary Kay Foundation Brush


BEST foundation brush ever. Like LITERALLY. It apply’s the foundation very smooth and gentle. Leaves me with amazing results, Def my fave.

Why I Recommend: Blends the foundation with your skin very well.

4) Maybelline Mascara


I love love love this mascara. It compliments my eye’s so much! Makes my eye’s really pop out! There is no other Mascara I would choose. Recommend this Mascara literally the best.

Why I Recommend: Makes lashes longer ( Depending on Length ). Give’s your eye’s a little pop!

5) Baby Lips


Im not really a Lip Gloss or Lip Stick fan. But when It comes too changings of the season we all need some Lip Balm in our lips so they will not get chapped during these time of year’s.

Why I Recommend: Smells amazing and it leave’s your lips really smooth in no time!

6) Eco Tools Brush Set


Purchases this brush set at Walmart. I fell in love with these! My first ever brush set and totes love!

Why I Recommend: They are great quality and its cheap.

7) Covergirl Blush


Literally my fave blush colour ever! It creates a well balanced tone perfect for the fall.

Why I Recommed: Good quality and Its easy to apply.

8) NYC Eye Liner


Not a big fan of eyeliner. I don’t wear it much. Its very rare if I do. But if plan on putting Eye Liner I always choose this Liquid Liner.

Why I Recommend: Stay’s on long, easy too apply, and take’s awhile to run out.

9) Makeup Forever Mascara


You might be thinking why 2 Mascaras but you may never know when you forget one of you’re Mascaras somewhere. Since Mascara is a must to me, I always carry my second choice with me just incase. But I love this Mascara as well, it is perfect for long lashes.

Why I Recommend: Makes them a little thicker. Matches with a Cat Eye ( Winged Liner ) look.

10) Maybelline Shadows


Other then My Naked 2, I use this because I just love brown tones! There is no other colors id truly prefer. This is my second option when it comes to choosing Eye Shadow’s.

Why I Recommend: Very Pigmented and very beautiful brown shades.

11) Scrunchy & Lash Curler


Last but not least A pair of scrunchy’s and most importantly an eye lash curler. I put my hair up alot because sometimes I just don’t want it in my face. Eye Lash curler’s are always a must to us Beauties.

Why I Recommend: The lash curler makes your eye’s pop out more and makes them look longer as well.

••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••

Well that is it for today’s post. Hope you are all enjoying this Friday morning. Have a great weekend Beauties! Until next time, remember to stay warm and fab. If you have any questions or request’s please feel free to contact me!


Xo, 💅
Queen Denisse.

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