Friday Nights

Today was such a fab day with my other half. These moments are just simply amazing. I thank god for giving me these moments to enjoy.

Me and my friend wanted to do something fun, so we decided to go to Aloha Skating but unfortunately im scared to skate, like literally, Its SCARY. But I tried learning today, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought It would be. Then after that we just went to McDonald’s to grab a bite and just talked. As the night went on we enjoyed it while it lasted.





You can’t miss out on moments like these. Those laughs, those dumb jokes, the ugly/weird faces. What’s better than spending time with the people you love? Its always an adventure to try new things!




Skating is actually really fun! Its all worth it at the end. If you have not tried skating I recommend it.
Hope you guy’s enjoyed today’s blog post! Have a Fab Friday Night and sleep tight. Until next time!

Xoxo 💋
Queen Denisse .

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