Queen Denisse’s Under $10 Favorites

Hello my loves. How are ya’ll doing on this lovely Saturday? Hope everyone is having a great day so far. Today’s blog post is all about my fave items I own under $10, that I totally recommend from me to you. Now lets begin shall we?

1 ) Pantene Heat Protectant Spray ♨

$6 at Walmart or Target.

This heat protectant spray works amazing! Really protects your hair unlike others. Before I started using this product my hair would not grow as fast as it use too. I though id give it a shot. So I did and it helped me in so many ways. It protects my hair from burning and it even made it healthier and thicker. Thanks to Pantene, My hair gets complimented on much more than I thought. My hair is now really healthy, soft and long! 👧

2) L’oréal’ Paris Ideal Clean Makeup Wipes 💄

$4.99 at Walmart.

These Makeup wipes rock! Takes the Makeup of Like BAM! lol. I use to use the olay and Forever 21 Makeup wipes, but they weren’t “good quality” so I switched to these since Loreal is a good brand. And I LOVED THEM! I only have to use 1 of these wipes for my makeup. Totally Recommend.

3) Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate 🍫


$3.49 at Office Max. ( Cheapest there )

OMG WHERE CAN I START. These chocolates are totes delicous. They don’t even taste like dark chocolate at all. Ever since I tried these I have completely fell in love with these chocolates. If you haven’t tried these, I totally recommend. You will love them, just like I did!

4) Earrings


$4.88 at Walmart.

This package had tons of cute earrings, even the leaves for Fall. I usually don’t wear earrings alot but these I just had to buy. It was actually a pretty good deal. I mixed and matched them, I put all the ones I wanted in that package. But unfortunately I lost the others. If you like earrings like these, go to Walmart because there super cheap there.

5) Pure Bb Cream 👧

$7.49 at Walmart.

This BB cream is wonderful because it Clears acne, Minimizes look of pores, Reduces appearance of redness and it Adjusts to skin tone. It also Hydrates and smoothes. Love it. Comes in different shades. Its also like foundation, but more natural.

6) Carribean Escape Foam Soap 💧

$5.50 at Bath and Body Works

This foam soap is by far the best soap I have tried. It leaves you’re hands so soft and smooth, smelling really great. Ecen the bottle is cute huh? Pricey but worth it. Bought 3 more, similar to this one that same day. You’ll enjoy washing you’re hands with this soap!

Well these are my favorites. Im glad I took this time to share with you my under $10 faves. If you purchase any of these items, feel free to let me know how much you liked them, or how much you hated them. Until next time.

Xoxo 💋
Queen Denisse .

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