A Unforgettable Experience

Hello my loves. How are ya’ll today in this beautiful saturday afternoon? Hope ya’ll are enjoying yall’s weekend. I will be talking about the time I met Kylie & Kendall Jenner with my cousin Evelyn.



I was on facebook when my sister Olga sent me a picture of the NorthPark Mall status saying ” The first 500 people in line will be guaranteed entrace to meet Kendall & Kylie Jenner at PacSun. You can start lining up at 8am. ” When I saw that picture my heart dropped. I couldn’t believe the Jenners were coming to Dallas! I called my cousin and told her that this event is a MUST.

That Morning we woke up at 5:30. Arrived at NorthPark Center at 6:30. When we arrived there was already people in line! Can you believe it? I thought we were going to be the first ones! The good thing was me and my cousin were in the first 500. While we waited we met some friends along the way who shared popular interests. The doors finally opened at 8am, but sadly we still had to wait inside until noon in order to guarantee entrance! While we waited my amazing uncle came and brought us a slurpee and a muffin 😋. It was finally noon. The employees at Pacsun started giving out bracelets to the first 500 people in line! When we got our bracelets of course me & my cousin got so EXCITED that we started jumping around like crazy monkeys. It was 2pm and the employees anounced “The doors will now open and we will let people in by groups.” The lines started moving! Me and my cousin were getting close and closer and closer! The closer we were the more nervous we got. While we waited in line, we started screaming “KENDALL! KYLIE! KENDALL! KYLIE!” We also made a wave with our hands even though it was a fail 😂 . Our group was up next. We went inside PacSun, left our bags by the cashier because we couldn’t take pictures or anything. When I saw Kendall & Kylie my whole entire body was getting hot! I actually felt like I had a fever lol. I approched Kendall and she greeted me with a “Hi how are you?” Signed my Poster with a xoxo, and so did Kylie. Best EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I came out of PacSun so happy!


After meeting The Jenners we went to go eat Chick-Fil-A because we were starving! Then after that we saw the movie “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” which was an AMAZING movie! The day started off great and ended amazing.

I thought id share my experience with you guys. Hope you enjoyed reading it and had a visual image of what happened. Until next time my loves.

Xoxo 💋
Queen Denisse .

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