A New Phase ✌

Hello my loves 💘 Welcome to my very first blog and an inside look of my life. I am very excited to share my memories , my friends , my laughs and more with ya’ll I hope you all enjoy reading my blogs 🎀


My name is Denisse Rios ( Denisse Céline ) I am 17 years old , I will turn 18 in June 3rd. I am currently a senior in High School , c/o 15 🎓 Im just a typical teenager trying to find my way in life. My dream is to become a singer and an actress 🎤 I enjoy doing these things very much because I truly believe I have a chance of having a music and acting career. Music helps me relax and soothe my mind. In my free time I usually put my headphones in and just listen to Lana Del Rey because she is just simply amazing and her music inspires me so much 🎶 I listen to any kind of music like hip-hop , R&B , dubstep and more! I am a very friendly person to get along with , indeed goofy , talkative , outgoing and more. My favorite colors are blue and green. My favorite social networks are instagram , twitter and tumblr 😎 I am also blessed to say that I have a wonderful family who love and care for me 👪 and that I thank god for everything. I Hope one day I will make my parents proud and show them that I Denisse Céline can be successful 🎇


Until next time my loves 💋 Hopefully yall enjoyed reading my very first blog and continue to read them and have a great day 🌞

Xoxo 💋
Queen Denisse .

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